Monday, July 20, 2009

Midsummer on the Frio River '09

Has it rained where you live? I miss it terribly.

So does this little girl I saw today across the road from West of the Frio,
one of our cool vacation homes.

Too low to tube, but we still got fishin!

And lots of strollers on the gravel bar....babies or beer carriers, hmmm.

Took a ride to Buchanan's after that, to check out Neal's swimmin hole, and man the wind started blowin like crazy.

Folks down there swimmin and layin out picked up and started flocking to their vehicles...


But not everybody heard the howling winds, or saw the blowing dust and approaching storm.

Or, really cared.

Apparently they knew, as I, that it would pass by and miss us, as it usually does.
There's always tomorrow!

Since I don't have much to talk about due to the dry conditions we've been in for so long, I just don't post very often.
However, join me on FaceBook for more up to date, right away, it's goin on now, jabber.
Just add FrioMan InConcan as a friend.

But if anything important happens, like a lotta rain, and/or a good rise on the Frio, you'll see it here and on FB first!!
Come on out, the water's fine!

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