Saturday, June 30, 2007

Some of the locals

Well, I didn't make it to the River for pictures today...but there's always tomorrow. As has been the case for the last couple of days, the Frio is runnin cool, clear, and perfect. We had a lot of sunshine, mixed with clouds, and it was a super day to enjoy the Hill Country.
Judging from the number of visitors here, it's safe to say everybody doesn't watch (or believe) KENS-5 news out of San Antonio. That's a very good thing because.....their weather guru signed off Thursday or Friday evening telling everyone to "Stay away from the rivers this weekend". HA! If you want the real skinny on what's up at the Frio River in Concan, better tune in to FrioMan's Blog.
Since I don't have any pics from today, I thought you might enjoy checking out some of our locals hangin out at Sundancer earlier this year. There's no place like Concan, Texas.

Where the wildlife...and the quiet life, come together!!

til next time, FrioMan

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ain't We Got Fun!

Well, it's late Thursday night, and I finally got these #%*#! pictures loaded with our slooowww dial-up connection. But we told these nice folks tubing in the pics that we would have them on our blog today, so here they are. Wish I'd have asked where they were from, but they're in Concan on the Frio River havin' a blast and that's all that counts. We took these pictures of the tubers in front of Vista del Rio, and the two dudes fishin' at Seven Bluffs, this afternoon(6-28).
As you can see, the Frio is safe, clear, and conditions are FANTASTIC. So check our website for availability, pick a vacation home that you like, call, book, then hurry up and come join in on the fun.
Remember, "A vacation to the Frio River is unlike any you will ever take!"
See yall manana, I'm signing off...FrioMan

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Frio River during and after rise Tuesday

Hello again from Concan, Texas.
The pictures here are a couple more from Tuesday's flood, to give you folks an idea of how quick the water goes down after a rise. The pic on the left was taken around noon, the other was taken about 7 p.m. that evening. Look closely, and you can just see the log jammed against the tree at water level on the left, whereas it's sitting high in the tree several hours later. These photos were taken at Bunk Falls, located about halfway between the 2nd crossing and the 1st crossing at Neal's. Gotta go now, but I'll be back later with more pics and the latest from the Canyon.
See Yall Soon! FrioMan

Frio River Flood 6-26-07

Well, FrioMan is finally here to let you know whats going on at the Frio River and in the Concan area. My plans are to keep yall updated on current weather, river conditions, events, who's who, where's what, and whatever else I can help you with. we go! The night before last, the West prong of the Frio got 5" of rain, the East prong received 8". The result was a rise on the Frio of over 18' here in Concan. However, vacationers rest easy. Contrary to what you hear in the news media, the Frio River is back in it's banks, and clearing rapidly. We even had a lady call and tell us that she heard,(THIS IS FALSE) " The Frio River will be shut down by Sunday because they will be releasing a lot of water from the lake."Lake! What lake? We have no lakes on the Frio River anywhere close, or upriver of us. The river comes up, then goes down almost as fast. I was watching a few tubers who already got back in this morning, but it is always best to wait for the waters to clear completely. If we don't get any more rain, that should happen by sometime tomorrow. It's been a great Summer so far, and this added water will make it fantastic for many weeks to come. Give us a call, we still have several openings. But please check out our website first. Our availability calendars are always updated immediately following a booking.
I'll prob be back this evening with more pics, so check back often, or better to me!
866-7CONCAN reservations only please
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The picture posted here is in front of Vista del Rio(one of our fantastic vacation homes), at about midday yesterday, 6-26.