Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Day '08

Hi Guys
According to those that did get to the River(yours truly did not), there wasn't much room for the water. One of our guests said that they expected to take 5 hours going from 7 Bluffs to Neal's, but it took them 8 hours. I told them I couldn't believe that the Frio had slowed down that much in just a couple days, and they said the River was okay. It's just that there were so many tubers, floaters, & kayakers, they were moving verrry sloow. But come Monday, most folks were headed home, leaving the Frio to the lucky stragglers. With school still in session for most this week, we still have a few opening for this weekend, so come on out!

Looking up river from the bank at Vista del Rio

2nd x-ing

Comanche Crossing looking downriver

Comanche Crossing upriver
Unfortunately, there was a fatality this past weekend. A man visiting the Canyon was killed on his motorcycle in a collision with a car on TX 127, just down the road from the 1st crossing. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family.
Hopefully, there will be nothing else but great times on the Frio from here on out.
Be safe, have fun, and we'll see ya soon!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Seven Bluffs parking

Remember how far away you had to park last year from the 3rd crossing? Well, some local entrepreneurs have done some work to make it more convenient. There is now a nice $10 parking area right at the Seven Bluffs crossing.

As you can see, it's already getting used quite a bit.

3rd xing Saturday afternoon

3rd xing same time

2nd xing

There were lots of visitors to the Frio River this weekend, but a guy like this, needs to stay home, or get an education in Texas River etiquette! For those of you who do not understand this harsh statement, note the GLASS bottle in his hand. Glass containers are not allowed in, on, or near our beautiful Rivers. All yall veterans out there, please spread the word and let folks know that what they are doing is dangerous. I preached some about this last summer, but maybe I need to put a reminder in every post. If you've ever seen someone coming out of the Frio with their foot, arm, or other body part cut by glass left by some uncaring person, then you'll see where I'm comin from. I don't want to see any confrontations started, but if you see someone with glass containers on the Frio, let them know what the consequences could be. That same beer bottle, if broken and in the gravel forever, may harm someone he cares for sometime in the future.

That's it for now. And PLEASE, take care of the Frio River and the property you are staying at while you are here. Respect your fellow vacationers and us local folks who are happy to have you.

Seeya soon! FrioMan

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Get Ready for the Frio

Hey guys
While yall are out there getting ready for your 2008 Frio River vacation, we're busy here in Concan getting ready for you! That's the truth, and the only excuse I have for not posting in so long. I took these last Thursday, near and on Bunk Falls, and the tubers at the 2nd crossing.

These guys are right next to Concan Pies, waiting for them to open May 24 & 25, then reopening May 31 for the summer. Talk about early birds..........

Beautiful Bunk Falls

We got about 2" of rain early this morn, and it was rockin & rollin with lightning, thunder, and wind. I'll be back soon with more pics....Promise!
Take care, and get your Frio River game on, it's about that time!