Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Good News

Don't do it Don, you'll be sor-ry!
Our "kids" Don & Jessi at Bunk Falls this past September, visiting us from Missouri.

As most of you Frio River regulars are aware, all of us accommodation owners(in Uvalde County) have been having to charge our guests a 12% hotel occupancy tax. Well, now you can cut that in half. The 6% that goes to the state is still gonna happen, but the 6% that funded the Texas Hill Country River Region(THCRR), is history!!

LD weekend, 2008 @ 2nd crossing

Reduced taxes is always Good News, but I'm sure yall thought I was going to say it rained here. Well.....not really. A little drizzle here, a few sprinkles there, not much more. If it would have rained a bunch, and brought the Frio up, that would have been titled GREAT, FANTASTIC, OH WOW, or something similar. When it happens, and it will, you'll know about it immediately, right here! Right now it's dreary, in the upper 30's, and ice/sleet expected overnight........

And now, it's the next morning, clear skies, and 29 degrees. Although we haven't had any measurable rain in, like forever, the River has been holding its own. No heat for evaporation, less water usage for fields & crops, and the Cypress trees are dormant. Those big beautiful trees that line our favorite river draw a ton of water to survive. We were in the same situation in early 2007, following a super dry 2006. Remember what happened that spring and summer?
It rained and rained til visitors were hollerin stop! The Frio was run
nin hard and fast all that year. So, sooner or later, it will start raining again, and all will be right.

LD '08 weekend-2nd crossing

Since it's only been since last August 27th since I last posted, there's a lot I need to catch yall up on. But not all at once. We have several great new vacation homes, some online, some coming soon.

Nice landing at Bunk Falls-Sept. '08

And the big news for us, is that we will be opening our new office sometime this spring! That's right, we will be located on TX 127 about a 1/2 mile before you cross the Frio River at Buchanan's & Neal's. Keep an eye out for updates on our map at www.FrioMan.com, Directions.

The Frio at Mager's Crossing, lookin at Old Baldy

This off-season, we've added Butterflies R' Frio, Heaven's View, Kickin Back, The Cowboy House, and The Iron Horse Cabins. I'll give some details on each of these new rentals and more, soon.

Mager's Crossing looking downriver

We also decided to take Sundancer out of the rental pool, and move into it permanently. We want to thank all of the folks who have stayed there through the years, and to let you know, that we have many more great homes to choose from, so come back and see us!

This boy was across the street this past November, chasing one of his many girlfriends. From the looks of him, she's winning the race.

I'll be back soon to do this again, and promise not to take near this long again.
Yall take care, and thanks for visiting. We really appreciate it.

FrioMan Vacation Lodging-Concan, Texas