Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Super Summer Far From Over

This was taken Saturday afternoon at the 1st crossing on Tx127. As you can see, lots of folks were here enjoying the Frio River's cool, clear waters. The upcoming Labor Day weekend is shaping up to be a good one, with just a slight chance of rain in the forecast. Like rain bothers us out here, Ha! It rained most all of June & July, the River comin up and goin down almost as often as the sun itself. Everything is lush and green, & the Frio was, is, and will be flowin great for a long time still. Thanks to all you folks that stayed with FrioMan Vacation Lodging this year, and we hope to see yall again soon. We're beginning to take reservations for some of our vacation homes for 2008, and will be booking for all of them by October 1st. Keep an eye on our website for updates.

Better yet, come on out now, there's still plenty of summer and great fun to be had.
I'm ready! FrioMan
Concan Texas USA

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Still Here

WOW! Time flies when you're havin fun, and that's all that's goin on here on the Frio River ...FUN! I just saw that my last post was on the 20th, and that's too long.

The weather here has been fantastic, and the River is flowing beautifully. There's still quite a few folks here on the weekdays, and this weekend was full of Frio River fun lovin fanatics.

The conditions will be great long into September, so make plans to come on out and stay with us.
Then, if it turns too cool for fun on the water, there's still plenty to do and see.

Hey Mike(waving) & Gayle(sittin pretty in blue)! We didn't know it was yall til we got home and looked at the pics on the computer. A couple of our super nice locals out enjoyin the River Saturday above the 2nd xing.
Well, I hope there's still some of yall still checkin in on FrioMan Blog. I don't mean to stay away so long, but...excuses, excuses.
Let me know you're still there, and write your comments about your vacation, any ??'s, ask 'em, and shoot some pics that I can post.
wish you were here! FrioMan

Monday, August 20, 2007

Surfin on the Frio

Below is a photo & story of Caleb "surfin on the Frio". He belongs to FrioFamily, who is a regular visitor to FrioMan Blog. THANK YOU so much for the picture, we really enjoyed it!
Good job Caleb.
Everything is super here in Concan, with excellent water and weather conditions. The crowds are getting much smaller during the week, but last weekend was super busy on the Frio. Everybody is havin a great time on the best River anywhere, come join us!
I hope a lot of yall are makin plans to come out for Trash Bash weekend. More on that very soon.
Til next time, FrioMan

"When we go to the Frio we never watch TV, are happy that the cell phones don't work, my kids don't miss their video games, friends etc...instead they are busy creating moments like this. I like to call it "Surfin on the Frio". Enjoy!"

"Love Your Blog, Keep it Comin,"

Frio Family

Friday, August 17, 2007

What storm?

As you can see from this picture taken early this afternoon, the Frio is not flooding, and we had no rise at all from the rains last night. The NWS had forecasted a rise to 11.5 feet, but fortunately it didn't happen. We had a good shower about 4:30p.m., but the sun was back out soon.

These folks from Brownwood were enjoying their first day on the River this afternoon, and took time out to pose for FrioMan. Thanks guys & gals, yall were great!

New signs posted along River Road.

Here at FVL, we are very aware of Hurricane Dean, and the forecasted paths that have been predicted...from Houston to Mexico. Folks are calling, asking "Will the River be flooded next week?", "Is the hurricane goin to hit Concan?", "Is it goin to be rainin when we get to the Frio?"
Even though FrioMan knows who is going to win the World Series, the Super Bowl, and what the next winning lotto numbers are...there is no way he can forecast the weather or Frio River conditions for next week, or even for tomorrow. Sorry.

We will do our best to keep everyone updated to conditions and happenings here in Concan, and the surrounding area, but think your questions through before you ask them.
830-232-4210 for lodging info, area activities, current weather, River & road conditions.
1-866-7CONCAN Reservations only
BR-549 for silly questions(LOL)

FrioMan Vacation Lodging

See ya soon, FrioMan

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Erin Go...away

Hi Guys

Well, things had gotten back to normal here at the Frio River, with the temps in the 90's, the ground dried up, and the River still runnin great. Just yesterday I was on the ridin mower in a huge cloud of dust.

And now, the rains are back, thanks to a wild child by the name of Erin. According to the NWS, the Frio is supposed to rise to about 11.5 feet, oh heck, I'll just copy & paste.


And that's all I have to say about that!

We're still waitin on our last party to check in, everyone else has arrived and is safely in their FrioMan homes. I'll venture out manana and see what's goin on & let yall know.
What's wrong with this picture? Looks like grandpa, grandson, and the family dog are havin a great time on the Frio. But something(s) is there that shouldn't be...what is it?
See Yall Tomorrow, FrioMan

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Remember Stacy and the paranoid hubby?

Well, here they are glubbing over Comanche Crossing on July 26. (see Comanche Crossing-July)
Good job Stacy(you were driving...right?)
From Stacy just yesterday:
"I thought you would get a kick out of this picture. This was on the 26th of July. I was the one who's husband was worried about getting across the Comanche Creek Crossing because of all the rain and the river being up. The other people in our group took the picture as they waited for us to cross. They all have 4x4 trucks and ours is just a 1500. The people standing on the other side were doing the same thing cause they were not sure if they could make it or not. LOL My son even put his life jacket on! Just in Case. LOL Thanks again. Keep up the good work. LOVE THE FRIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
I'm sure glad Stacy sent this photo & story to be posted on FrioMan Blog, and it would be great to get more. So, get busy pickin out some great shots from your Frio River vacation and email them to me, along with some info about your trip.
The heat is on, and there were lots of folks on the River today staying cool. River conditions are super, so yall better get on out here.
Take care, FrioMan

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Caliente en el río de Frio

Hey Guys
Well, 2-uh-days, back to school shoppin, reloading shotgun shells, and summer's over, right? Wrong!!
The first 3 are prob right, but if you think summer is over, well...just ask these folks at the 3rd xing. They were here on the Frio River in Concan Texas USA having a blast!

And they weren't the only ones here either. Families and friends were out en masse Sunday enjoying the cool clear waters of our favorite River in the world. Our weekends are booked thru Labor Day, but there are still openings during the week in some of the best vacation acommodations to be found in Concan. The weekends after Labor Day are pretty much wide open, so give us a call.
Trash Bash is the weekend after Labor Day, and is a great time to enjoy the companionship of fellow Frio River enthusiasts. This is the annual event where serious Frio Folks(that are able to get away of course) come clean the River of cans, bottles(ouch), shoes, caps, TRASH...that the pigs carelessly left behind. You know who you are, and please don't come back!
More on Trash Bash Weekend soon. Make plans, i.e. reservations(off season rates ya know)

Are those Nike's or Keds?

Sheer joy of surviving?!

Sunday Driver. Do not attempt this at home(goin backwards over Bunk Falls, I mean)
You know what happened, right?
There's still loads of fun to be had this year on the Frio, at least thru September. After that, if the River cools down too much for ya, there's still plenty to do. Keep tuning in to FrioMan Blog, and you'll know what's up in the Concan/Frio River area.
Come see us soon, you won't regret it! FrioMan

Thursday, August 9, 2007

South of the border

Hey Frio River fans
Sorry for the long delay between posts. I'm not going to make that a habit, cuz I know you want/need updates more often. We are finally in a more normal summer pattern, with the temps in the 90's, and lots of sunshine. However, the Frio is still in excellent shape, flowing strong and clear. I've been gettin several comments and emails from folks wantin to be on FrioMan Blog, but haven't gotten any pics yet from anybody.
Share your stories, email some pictures. I hope yall aren't gonna forget about your favorite River just because of school, football, yadee yadee.

A "business" trip took us across the border to Acuna this week, where we dined at our favorite restaurant. Of course you have heard of Ma Crosby's in song, and The Corona Club from your buddies. They're both good places to go, one a watering hole, the other food and drink.
But we discovered Manuel's last year, and drive straight there as soon as we cross over. A man in the parking lot will get you safely in(tip him), and then you can take off walkin, shoppin, or whatever you want to do. Just let him know you're comin back to eat at their diner when you get hungry.

These fine folks from San Angelo were havin a great time at Manuel's while we were there.

The folks here will make sure you have plenty to eat & drink. Here are some of the friendly staff you will encounter at Manuel's. Steaks, shrimp, enchiladas, cabrito, & MARGARITAS! They have a lot more than that, but I can attest to those dishes being very tasty.
You don't need a passport yet, to come back home to Texas, but you still should have your TDL with you. Even passengers.

Have fun, be safe...COME SEE US! FrioMan

Monday, August 6, 2007

Oh My!

Hey Guys

What a glorious day it was in Concan today. Nothin but sunshine, with a nice breeze all day.
According to the weatherbug, it only got up to 90 degrees today. That is awesome considering we are normally around 100 during the dog days of August.

The Frio is recovering from a very busy weekend, and so were some of the locals. I probably sound like a broken record, but I don't know if I've ever seen the River look any better. Everything is so green and lush, it looks like a rainforest...awesome. We have dried out somewhat from the summer long rains, and that's a good thing considering what it's done to the roads here.

FrioMan's tip of the day:
When picking up a box of deck screws, know what's on the back of the box!

Take Care, FrioMan

Saturday, August 4, 2007

I Love the Frio River

The more folks we have visiting, the busier we get, and WE LOVE IT! And that's why I haven't posted an update in three days or so. Now I'm back, and I'll be here as long as yall keep lettin me know you're out there with your nice comments and emails..
  • If you've already been here this summer, you need to come back for a repeat.
  • If you're thinkin about comin out, ya better hurry.
  • If you've never been here,tsk,tsk....Now's the time.

You come to the Frio once a year. The anticipation and eagerness prior to your trip make the workdays go by slower and sloowwer. About a month before you leave, you start checkin your list, your gear, & your reservations. You constantly check FrioMan Blog for updates on current conditions in the Frio Canyon. A week before your trek, your truck or SUV is packed with everything you need for your vacation(less the spouse & kids til departure), fueled up, and parked til it's time to go.You ride your bike to work now, or carpool with your "buddy" that can't make the trip.

FR-Day arrives. You wake at 3:00a.m., throw your spouse, the kids, and the dog in...and you're off! You get here, have the time of your life for three days, then all of a sudden you're back at work. OMG...I have to wait another year before I go back to the Frio River. #*!*#*!!

Sound familiar? Well, maybe just part of it? Instead of waiting another year for your "annual" Concan vacation, why not treat yourself and your family to another exciting trip to the River?
Frio River Lovers, the conditions at The Best River in Texas are sooo good this summer, you really oughtta come on out.
It's like "surf's up at Padre", "fresh powder at Steamboat", the trout are thick at Fat Rat" "the Bluebonnets are beautiful around Brenham", etc. You get my drift? When conditions are right for the things that you love to do, you usually don't sit around and read about, do you?

FrioMan Vacation Lodging still has some openings during the week in our fantastic vacation homes, and for many hot weekends after Labor Day. Just cuz school starts doesn't mean the Frio goes frio.

Check our availability calendars first, give us a call, then we'll seeya soon! FrioMan
1-866-7CONCAN(reservations only please)

These pics are from yesterday afternoon, Saturday 8-4-07

Neal's swimmin hole.

Below the Tx127 bridge @ Neal's/Buchanan's.

Second crossing above bridge.

Second crossing looking downriver.

Comanche Crossing

Third crossing(Seven Bluffs) below road.

Third crossing upriver side.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Never Too Early

If you're reading this, chances are you've been to the Frio Canyon in the summertime, and enjoyed the wonders of the crystal clear Frio River.
But if you wait til next summer to come back, you're going to miss one of the best seasons in the Texas Hill Country. The pictures below illustrate the natural beauty to be found in our area during the fall months. We took these last November during a trip to Lost Maples State Natural Area. It's a beautiful place to go hike, fish, picnic, or just relax under the changing Big Tooth Maples. The Natural Area is within an hour's drive from Concan, and FrioMan's vacation homes.

The drive over to Lost Maples from Leakey on 337 is one I never tire of. Brother-by-law was down visiting from Kansas a couple years back, and we were showing him around. He asked me why they called this area "The Hill Country", as we were driving thru the many mountain passes and pulling the steep grades. Excellent observation. Granted, this isn't the Rockies, but it's Texas, and that's what counts!

FrioMan in Lost Maples.

The Frio River below Tx127 in the fall.

It's never too early to plan your fall vacation to Concan, so give us a call soon. Or if you still want to come out to enjoy the River while it's warm, we still have openings in some of our beautiful vacation homes.
Visit our website at www.frioman.com
Then call us toll free at 1-866-7CONCANreservations only please 830-232-4210 information

The Frio is runnin perfect, clear, fantastic, fun...WOW! It hasn't rained in about 3 days, and we've had lots of sunshine and...WOW! BETTER HURRY UP & GET OUT HERE.
Thanks for tuning in, FrioMan