Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lotsa trash, no rain

Well, yesterday afternoon, I went to begin cleaning our adopted stretch of highway. It's on TX127, beginning just a short distance east of the Frio, continuing 2 miles towards Sabinal. I was overly optimistic when leaving the truck with ten bags stuffed in my back pockets. About 3 hours later, I tied the top of the 2nd full bag. It's not that there isn't much trash, because there's plenty. And it's not that I was loafing...really! It's because the trash left behind by the thoughtless, the uncaring, & the ________(you can fill this in), is sooo plentiful, scattered, and small.

Tony & Alex from TXDot doing a fine job of installing the Adopt-A-Highways signs

There were beer & soda water cans, BEER BOTTLES, plastic bottles, ice bags, deer corn bags, lotto tickets, inner tubes, magnetic signs, boards, Buc-ee's cups, Wal-Mart bags, HEB bags, straws, miscellaneous bags, hubcaps, tire strips, deer bones, antique trash, and one live armadillo!

The worst were the plastic bags and the Styrofoam cups. The sun rots them fast, so they become brittle and multiply. The best was the magnum armadillo that scared the bejeepers out of me.
Armed only with a short stick with a rusty nail attached to the end of it, I was in thick brush along the fence line pulling out debris. Traffic was light, the birds were singing...a real serene setting. All of a sudden, this big boy explodes out of the chaparral. It was over quickly. I jumped back 10 feet in a leap(maybe 3), and he took off the other way. I laughed at myself, dusted my britches, and continued.

The next interruption was okay, a friend stopped beside the hwy to visit. Then a friend of his, and then another friend of ours. Beings there were four pickups parked willy nilly on the side of the road, one traveler slowed down, thinking there had been an accident.
After a short while, I had to get back to the chore at hand. 2 miles of hwy X 2 sides = 4 miles, and I had only covered about 300 yards. Before I left good company, I offered Michael, Travis, & Jason vests & an invitation to join me, but they politely declined. (Just kiddin guys).

Bout 6pm, I called it a day. I went back and got the truck, loaded the junk, and deposited it beside the AAH sign for the TXDot guys to pick up. That reminds me, I better call them.

Everybody, please remember: DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS!
Keep our highways clean, wherever you travel or live.

Be back soon. FrioMan

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Flyin High

The other day, last Friday morning to be exact, Hondo and I went to visit our good friend Bruce, on a ranch near Concan. It was a beautiful, still morning, and he invited me to go for a ride in his power parachute.

Wellllll, as I like my feet planted firmly on the ground, I politely declined and decided to enjoy the show while shooting pictures of his flight. He was in the air before we knew it!

Gaining altitude quickly, turning, dipping, ohhhh, what a great decision I made!!

He buzzed us a few times before headin out over the mountains.

Talk about nosebleed, he told Hondo later that he reached an altitude of 6000 feet!
He was gone for awhile, flying over and around the Frio River & Concan.

A little later, and we can hear him coming in the distance. Just like that, he's back...

and landing safely on the ground. Darn, I knew I should have gone. Maybe next time!

Just another day in Paradise, enjoying good friends, nature, and a free air show.
Pray for rain.
Yall take care.