Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ohh, the Frio, she's lookin good!

We've been blessed with quite a bit of rain over the off-season, and the Frio Canyon is busting out with wildflowers and greenery. The icing on the cake has been the 4+ inches of rain we received this week!

The Real County Sheriff's office called yesterday morning at 4am, letting us know that there was a 2 foot rise at the HEB camp. It's located north of Leakey about 10 miles, and is very near the headwaters of the Frio (East Prong). Sure enough, later yesterday afternoon, the River came down.
For those of you that are confused...that means the Frio came down to Leakey & Concan, causing a nice rise and great flow!

Sure is nice to finally have good news about our favorite place in the world!

FM 1120 just past the Alto Frio Baptist Encampment yesterday.

                                                             3rd crossing in Concan


                                           2nd crossing in Concan
On the right hand side of this photo, is where Bee's Camp used to be. It's all been leveled, and is being turned into a subdivision.


Just east of Leakey on RR 337

                                                            1050 bridge over the Frio by GSP              

Spread the word! If you or anyone you know hasn't made reservations yet for this summer, better hurry. News of great tubing/floating/kayaking conditions at the Frio River travel fast, and you don't want to be without a great place to stay.
Just click FrioMan Vacation Lodging. We have some fantastic homes and cabins available in the Frio Canyon. From the mountain tops in Concan with breathtaking views, to properties where the Frio is right in your backyard.

That's it for now, gotta git to San Antonio today.
Everything's shaping up for a super summer season at the Frio.

Come see us at FrioMan Vacation Lodging!  

866-7CONCAN (landlines only please)
830-232-4210 (for your cell phone)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lots of rain overnight and today

Good news from the Frio River!
Rain, and quite a bit of it. About 2+ inches so far, and we may get more. But since we've been getting an inch here, an inch and a half there, this winter, the ground is finally getting wet. The result is that a lot of this rainfall is running off into the Frio and the creeks and drainages that feed our most favorite playpen.


We're not going to get too giddy yet and call this a 'drought-buster', cause it's not. But it's looking better here today than it has since the very rainy, oh-so-awesome year of '07. Remember ' was get in, and HANG ON!!


 It's great to have something exciting to blog about. Hopefully the rains keep coming, cuz then my updates will be more frequent.

 Can you imagine getting in right now? brrrrr!

    Magers x-ing

This is up at the 3rd crossing...quite an improvement!

1st crossing at Buchanan's & Neal's

Super Bowl party at House Pasture this Super Sunday...might have to go, sounds like fun!


We have fantastic homes, cool little cabins, on the Frio, near the Frio, some with pools, some with pool tables...all, just minutes from the crystal clear River.
Tell your family, tell your friends.

Don't forget to join FrioMan on Facebook. Lots of updates, lots of info.
That's it from Concan, take care! 

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Casa Bonita & Sparkling Frio

It's been awhile! Sometime back in November as I recall. Since then, nothin's happened.
Actually, we've had lots of cold weather, some much needed rains, wonderful Thanksgiving & Christmas holidays with family and friends, and good health.
But wait, you wanna know about the Frio, right?'s looking pretty good considering we've been in a drought for three out of the last four years. With less evaporation from the heat and the Cypress trees being dormant this time of the year, our Favorite River is holding it's own real well. Just picture it with a little more water in it than at any time you saw it in '09. My optimistic nature leads me to believe that sometime between now and summer, we'll get those big inches of H2o we've all been anticipating.

And speaking of the Frio River, we have added two new properties to the FrioMan Family of vacation homes...Casa Bonita, here in Concan, and Sparkling Frio, which is located just six miles north of Leakey. Both homes are located on beautiful, "droughtproof" stretches of the river, and are going to be extremely popular family vacation homes.

Sparkling Frio is situated on the Cypress lined banks of the east prong of the Frio River, just 6.5 miles north of Leakey off of US 83. A really cool house on a beautiful, quiet stretch of the Frio. Fish, swim, kayak, or just soak up the atmosphere in this serene setting. Sparkling Frio has 3 bedrooms, two baths , sleeps 14 guests (maximum) @ $425 per night.

Casa Bonita sits next door to Vista del Rio, one of our most popular vacation homes located directly on the Frio River. Under construction, this wonderful new 3 bedroom, 3 bath Hill Country home will have a 47" flat panel tv, loft with pool table, fireplace, and much, much more. It will accommodate a max of 20 guests, @ $550 per night. And it's small pet friendly!

And for some &*#%*!$$ area news. Even though we haven't been formally notified, the Uvalde county commisioners have voted to raise the occupancy tax that we collect from you!
It was at 0% last summer. Now it will be 4%, plus the 6% that goes to the State of Texas, for a grand total of 10%. Not good, but at least it's not back to the 12% that people paid for about 10 years.

Mark your calendars.
Saturday, March 6, Texas Independence Day(March 2) Celebration - Gary P. Nunn at House Pasture
Freedom Fest-House pasture March 11,12,13 concert-bbq cookoff-fun-fun-fun

That's it for now. Don't forget to call us for year-round vacation fun!
Be back soon!