Sunday, February 12, 2012

Muy Frio in the Canyon!

Well, we got a little snow and sleet this morning in Concan, but it all disappeared by noon. Leakey and Rio Frio got more, and they say it stayed on the ground all day. Tonight it's just cold and wet! We all love the wet part anytime we can get it out here, and we've gotten quite a bit since September. Over 17 inches to be exact! That's great news for everyone who loves it out here, and great news for the wildlife and vegetation that have suffered through an historic drought. We're far from being out of the drought, but we're on the right track for sure. Pray for rain!

If you haven't been here in the last month or so, you've missed the construction going on, on TX 127 coming into Concan from Sabinal. It starts about a half mile east of our office near the Big Tree Ranch, and continues on to the intersection of River Road(CR 348). They're widening the highway to include wide shoulders, just like you have most of the way here on 127. They are scheduled to finish this first leg sometime in March, then continue south across Brushy Creek to where the wide shoulders are now. The bad news is, you'll be slowed down this Spring and Summer by the construction. The good news is, it's only for a few miles. That's not gonna slow down Frio River lovers anyway, right?

Speaking of TxDot, we had a community meeting with them a couple weeks ago at the schoolhouse. The topic was the intersection of TX 127 & US 83. As most of you know, this is a "Y", where you go north to GSP and Leakey, or south to Uvalde. They want to take out the "Y", and make it a "T" intersection. Personally, I'm not on board with this proposal, but it's at least two years away, and they're listening to what we have to say about it. We do appreciate that.

On the business side...we've acquired a few wonderful new properties for you to look at soon. Two new homes here in Concan, and this SUPER FANTASTIC 6000 square foot ranch house on the crystal clear Nueces River north of Uvalde. It's Living Waters Reserve & Ranch, just 20 miles north of Uvalde. 
You can check it out at, or on our website at
Exclusive use of the ranch house on 720 acres, and 1 1/2 miles of Nueces River in the back yard.
This is a great place for family reunions, corporate retreats, wedding venues, and much more.  Exciting hunts for whitetail deer and exotics are available as well.
We will have the two new Concan mountain top homes online soon.

That's it for now. Please visit us online soon, or give us a call if we can be of help.
May God bless.
from the cave, FrioMan