Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Everybody's Havin Fun

Hey Yall
I appreciate all the comments and e-mails, and figured I better give yall an update.
Low & slow. However, all of our guests and other folks we talk to, are having a great time hangin out at the many swimmin holes up and down the River. In Concan, the 1st and 3rd crossings are probably the best places right now. Quite a few of our guests have been spending time at Garner, where there is always deep water, plus the dance every night at the pavilion. I talked to the folks at Happy Hollow yesterday, and they said that tubing from 1120 to their store has been good, with not much walking(about two hours). They rent tubes, and provide shuttle to the crossings. They are located 1/2 mile north of Garner on US83. http://www.onthefrio.com/

Tubing here in Concan depends on the individual. Old hands are use to the highs and lows of the Frio River, and take it as it comes. Other folks get in their tubes, and don't want to get out til it's time to get back to camp. The average times now on the local trips are about 4 hours each leg, with walking. Some are saying that 3rd to 2nd is best, and others that 2nd xing to Neal's/Buchanan's is okay. Either way you go, remember to take plenty of H2O & sunscreen.
All in all, everybody we talk to have been very pleased with their vacation to the Best Little River Anywhere. They are tubing, swimming, going to the Frio Bat Cave, Garner dance, relaxing in the River and at their vacation home, and lots of other stuff.

See yall soon! FrioMan