Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A little at a time

Well, it started raining again yesterday a.m., dropping around an inch here in Concan. Very light rain fell all night, and is still coming down slowly now. Although it won't bring the level of the Frio up right away, it's a great start to what we hope is a real, wet winter.
The Canyon is really greenin up now, and is looking great! As I "pen" this post, it is a cool 60 degrees out, a welcome relief from the 100+ temps many of us experienced all summer. But that's basically just normal Texas weather, right? The down side is jeans & shoes vs shorts & flip flops.
Just about got IMac figured out, so I oughtta be postin pics here again soon. In the meantime, just add FrioMan InConcan as a friend on Facebook for almost daily news and pictures from the Frio River area.
There is a link on our homepage ( to make it easy. If you haven't joined FB, try it, it's cool!
Take care, and I'll see yall soon!

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