Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lots of rain overnight and today

Good news from the Frio River!
Rain, and quite a bit of it. About 2+ inches so far, and we may get more. But since we've been getting an inch here, an inch and a half there, this winter, the ground is finally getting wet. The result is that a lot of this rainfall is running off into the Frio and the creeks and drainages that feed our most favorite playpen.


We're not going to get too giddy yet and call this a 'drought-buster', cause it's not. But it's looking better here today than it has since the very rainy, oh-so-awesome year of '07. Remember ' was get in, and HANG ON!!


 It's great to have something exciting to blog about. Hopefully the rains keep coming, cuz then my updates will be more frequent.

 Can you imagine getting in right now? brrrrr!

    Magers x-ing

This is up at the 3rd crossing...quite an improvement!

1st crossing at Buchanan's & Neal's

Super Bowl party at House Pasture this Super Sunday...might have to go, sounds like fun!


We have fantastic homes, cool little cabins, on the Frio, near the Frio, some with pools, some with pool tables...all, just minutes from the crystal clear River.
Tell your family, tell your friends.

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That's it from Concan, take care! 

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